Finding appPackage and appActivity

Get the App info using APK Info app

This one also a straight way to get the Apk information. There is an app available in the market called APK Info, which gives the complete information of the system and downloaded Apps installed on the device. To use this it is required to have the APK Info installed on the device.

Steps to follow:

In this example we will use SnapDeal app, which is an E-Commerce website in India.

1) Install the below mentioned app on the device from Google store or from other source.

Note: There are two with the almost the same name and these both solve our purpose in same way but some how the second app did not work on my device and was getting stuck again and again, so I used the first one there after.


2) Left image is of the Snap Deal app. Now open the APK Info app on the device and open the Snapdeal details. Second image is of the APK Info app.

Note: Press Snapdeal for few seconds to open the app.


3) Before the app information is opened, the APK Info app will display various options to select, simply go with the ‘Detailed Information‘.

In the second image you can notice that the APK Info app has printed the aapPackage name which is com.snapdeal.main and in the third image aapActivity is printed as com.snapdeal.ui.activity.MainActivity.

Get the App info using ‘mCurrentFocus’ or ‘mFocusedApp’ in Command Prompt

Steps to follow:

1) Open command prompt.

1) Go to Run and type ‘cmd’ for opening the Command Prompt interface.

2) Type ‘adb devices‘ in the window.

This will display all the list of android devices attached to your computer. Don’t worry about the name, as it displays the binary name of your device.

3) Type ‘adb shell’, to get in to the device.

4) Now type the below mentioned command to get the information of the WhatsApp apk:

dumpsys window windows | grep -E ‘mCurrentFocus|mFocusedApp’

Note: Need to make sure that the WhatsApp application is opened on the device and device is not locked. With this you can open any information and get the info.

Once you type the above command with the application opened on your computer, it will display the aapPackage and aapActivity. For WhatsApp aapPackage is com.whatsapp and the aapActivity is com.whatsapp.HomeActivity.